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Microsoft Offering OneDrive Free to Competitors' Customers

Microsoft really, really wants your business on OneDrive if you're an enterprise using Box, Dropbox or Google. Microsoft wants you so much that they'll let you use OneDrive for free until your contract with the competitor runs out.

The offer is valid through June, according to a post on the Microsoft Office blog signed by Ron Markezich, Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq: MSFT) corporate vice president.

But the offer is not for everyone. It's not for current OneDrive for Business or Office 365 customers, and organizations need to make a minimum 500-user commitment, Microsoft says.

You're invited to attend Light Reading’s Big Communications Event -- the one event that delivers fresh perspective on the rapid transformation of the telecom industry and the road ahead. We'll see you May 14-16 in Austin -- communications service providers get in free!

Like Box, Dropbox and Google, OneDrive lets users store, access and share files and photos from multiple devices. But Microsoft touts advantages to OneDrive not available to competitors' services -- notably, integration with Office 365, for real-time collaboration, as well as personalized search and discovery.

Of course, real-time collaboration isn't unique to Microsoft. Google (Nasdaq: GOOG) made its chops on the realtime collaboration features available in Google Docs, and Salesforce.com Inc. is pushing its Quip cloud collaboration service. (See Google Launches Security Dashboard for G Suite and Quip Wants to Kill Email Attachments.)

Microsoft says OneDrive customers include Accenture, DBS Bank, Textron and Lowes.

Microsoft has more on its blog.

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lucky987 10/23/2018 | 3:40:19 PM
Microsoft Offering OneDrive Free to Competitors' Customers Microsoft one drive is file hosting service and one of the best platform for Save your files securely. You can also share the file another device. There may arise error code 0xc004f074 in Microsoft office which occurs due to the time sync and data issue which has many solutions to resolve for that you need to research on it.
kq4ym 2/15/2018 | 8:09:10 AM
Re: Classic move I really can't see how the Microsoft offer is all that impressive. As it's "OneDrive for free until your contract with the competitor runs out," what big advantage would that give to cause one to sign up, especially as noted everyone's giving out deals out there now.
Susan Fourtané 2/12/2018 | 7:59:39 PM
Re: Classic move An offer for a free year is pretty impressive. It sounds like a war declaration.
mhhfive 2/12/2018 | 2:54:58 PM
Re: Classic move It's probably not as well advertised in the enterprise world, but "switch" deals can be found. A quick Google search reveals a Netsuite offer for a free year if users switch away from SAP.


Susan Fourtané 2/10/2018 | 9:23:18 AM
Re: Classic move Do you think it’s a classic move at enterprise level? At least I haven’t heard of any similar offer like this. Have you?
mhhfive 2/8/2018 | 1:33:01 PM
Classic move This sounds similar to cell phone "switch" offers that entice customers with freebies or ETF payments. Microsoft just needs to reduce the friction of switching from another cloud provider
Susan Fourtané 2/8/2018 | 4:11:58 AM
Interesting strategy Microsoft is adopting a really interesting strategy here. I would like to see the results of this offer after June. Are other companies going to see this as inspiration? Most importantly, what is Box, Dropbox, and Google’s reaction to this?
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