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SlideshowMeg Whitman: HPE Will Live on the Intelligent Edge

CEO Meg Whitman at Discover. (Source: ECN)
CEO Meg Whitman at Discover.
(Source: ECN)

kq4ym 6/19/2017 | 8:10:52 AM
Re: Right Yes, pulling out that crystal ball is going to be the secret to getting the business plan to succeed for HPE. It's been a rocky road and who knows what the future will be in reality. It's all a cross your fingers and hope the investors and customers stay with you for many business cycles.
kq4ym 6/12/2017 | 9:53:01 AM
Re: Right Getting the right road chosen will surely be important for Whitman after as noted "selling off some businesses and reorganizing, along with a recent quarterly loss." Not a background that I'd want to normally be associated with for sure. But as markets change and technology moves forward, HPE may well be there to take advantage of the changes.
mhhfive 6/7/2017 | 7:14:03 PM
Re: Right > "Whitman also believes the company's SGI acquisition will give the company an competitive advantage."

Hmm. I'm not sure I see that logic. Sure, the SGI acquisition might bring some much needed expertise to HPE for high performance computing... but is that really where the market is headed? I'm skeptical of that. So I'm not sure where HPE has a significant competitive advantage....

danielcawrey 6/6/2017 | 8:24:29 PM
Right If HPE can get this right, it could be a big turnaround for them. They haven't been doing so great the last couple of years. But things can change quickly in technology, which could be a benefit to the company if they play things right. 
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