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Intel's Diane Bryant Jumps Over to Google Cloud

Diane Bryant's leave of absence at Intel has become permanent, as she's joining Google Cloud as COO, working with Diane Greene.

Greene, CEO of Google Cloud , announced the news Thursday on Google's corporate blog.

Bryant, formerly the executive vice president in charge of Intel's Data Center Group, notified the chipmaker on November 29 that she wouldn't be returning from a leave of absence that began in May, according to an SEC filing. Her last day at Intel will be December 1.

She'll join Greene, who co-founded VMware, in Google Cloud's mission to make Google more relevant to enterprise customers. (See Google: 'Dead Serious' About Enterprise Cloud.)

It's a bit of a coup for Google. Bryant, a 32-year Intel veteran, was in a highly visible position, using DCG to make Intel more relevant to cloud operators and service providers. In 2016, DCG drew revenues of $17.2 billion, or 29% of Intel's total sales. The only group larger is the Client Computing Group (CCG), which includes PC processors and represented 55% of 2016 sales.

Bryant's leave of absence, due to a family matter, was announced in early May and was expected to last six to eight months -- meaning it would have ended right about now.

Given the length of the absence, Intel chose to replace Bryant at DCG with Navin Shenoy, the senior vice president of the CCG. CEO Brian Krzanich, in a letter to employees, noted that Bryant would eventually be welcomed back into "her next challenging role."

Bryant will receive a separation payment of $4.5 million from Intel, according to the SEC filing.

— Craig Matsumoto, Editor-in-Chief, Light Reading

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