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mhhfive 8/3/2017 | 2:22:06 PM
If retrieval time is not an issue... I wonder how various proposals to archive data on DNA will turn out. Apparently, all the world's data could be stored in a relatively modest amount of space with DNA. The data retrieval process isn't exactly quick, but it could be easily replicated for backup safety.


A few hundred petabytes of data written on a few grams of DNA sounds like cool idea.... 
Scott_Ferguson 8/2/2017 | 2:18:11 PM
Re: Glacier @danielcawrey: We talked about that specifically, and also about deep, cold storage for certain data. 
danielcawrey 8/2/2017 | 1:09:34 PM
Glacier This makes me think of Amazon Glacier, the storage solution that can hold lots of data for cheap. The only drawback is the retrieval time. I think it takes several hours to do a request. 
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