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SlideshowGoogle Launches Dedicated Connectivity for Hybrid Cloud

mhhfive 9/7/2017 | 12:44:46 PM
lower performing options...? > "... giving customers that don't really need that premium tier the option to have the lower-performing connection ..."

I wonder if this will put pressure on other service providers to close the "gaps" between premium tiers and "lower performing" connections -- or if it will have the opposite effect of making the gaps ever larger to force more customers into paying for premium connectivity service. I'm guessing net neutrality rules are bending toward widening the gaps so that more and more customers have to pay for better connections.... 
Mitch Wagner 9/7/2017 | 8:18:40 PM
Re: lower performing options...? I expect some carriers will offer low-priced low-quality connections and others will close the gap. They'll try different strategies to attract customers. 
mhhfive 9/7/2017 | 10:49:43 PM
Re: lower performing options...? There aren't that many carriers, so the number of different strategies probably won't be too vast because few of them will want to go too diverse and cannibalize their efforts. Maybe they'll try it with off-brands?
Mitch Wagner 9/13/2017 | 12:16:45 AM
Re: lower performing options...? They've got 4,000 carriers in their partner program so that's fertile ground. 
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