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SlideshowGoogle Eyes More Data Center Space in Denmark

kq4ym 11/30/2017 | 8:32:45 AM
Re: Local data centers It certainly will be interesting to see if Google in fact will get more revenues from the cloud vs. advvertising revenue in just three years time. Getting those facilities scattered in strategic spots will certainly help. I am wondering how much such a venture is also in order to "meet new European Union standards related to data privacy."
danielcawrey 11/24/2017 | 9:20:40 PM
Re: Local data centers Google started in the enterprise space by deploying Gmail to replace Lotus Notes or Microsoft Exchange. But there's only so many email systems you can switch out, so the cloud was the next step. 

It's not going to be easy. Amazon and Microsoft are fierce competitors in this space. 
Susan Fourtané 11/24/2017 | 2:01:07 PM
Re: Local data centers But there are not.
Phil_Britt 11/24/2017 | 1:38:38 PM
Re: Local data centers There can still be massive power outages. Redundancy still best. 

Susan Fourtané 11/24/2017 | 1:28:19 PM
Re: Local data centers Well, there are not many hurricanes, tornados, or floods in Europe. We are pretty much safe in that sense. :)
Phil_Britt 11/24/2017 | 12:50:34 PM
Re: Local data centers Local data centers only make sense if there is a redundant backup elsewhere. Otherwise, both the company's on-premises and off-premises systems can be knocked out by the same "act of God," like a hurricane, tornado or flood.
Susan Fourtané 11/23/2017 | 10:24:35 PM
Local data centers It makes sense to build local data centers. Companies also benefit from building data centers in countries where they can save in energy, such as Denmark, where the use of green energy is common. It’s also good for the cooling systems.
Joe Stanganelli 11/23/2017 | 1:06:19 PM
UK post Brexit For now, the UK is still part of the EU, so GDPR applies to the UK until Brexit actually officially happens.

That said, the plan, from what I understand, is for the UK to create its own version of GDPR (probably to closely resemble that of Germany's own state directives and enforcement POV in particular) -- so expect regulatory uncertainty to be minimzed in that regard.
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