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SlideshowFICO, a Premier OpenStack User, Goes to the AWS Dark Side

kq4ym 8/29/2017 | 9:10:45 AM
Re: Multi-cloud strategy That's probably a good analysis of what's going on at FICO. Needing to get additional services as noted for " global reach, security and features such as serverless computing and container support," would justify it's move to add Amazon.
laurensell 8/17/2017 | 5:17:52 PM
Multi-cloud strategy Unfortunately, I think this article leads readers to the wrong conclusion. FICO's use of OpenStack is growing, and they are running containers on OpenStack. Like the majority of enterprises, FICO is taking a multi-cloud approach, which includes OpenStack and AWS. And that's not a bad thing for OpenStack. It's not OR, it's AND. The important questions to be asking are which workloads to run where (based on things like cost, compliance and capabilities), and how to manage across these different environments and platforms. That's something we embrace and frequently talk about from the OpenStack community perspective. Happy to talk about it more.
[email protected] 8/16/2017 | 5:17:00 PM
Re: Hype Daniel they obviously needed more than OpenStack could provide. As tech companies diversify they will absolutely mingle solutions with competitors much like a company might need a hardware piece from a competitor or a software component. As we see these super tech companies evolve we will see lots of shared access new integrations to keep customers happy and get new customers! Microsoft learned the hard way they couldn't be an island now they are growing and leading again because of the realization that they need to mix their solutions with various devices.
danielcawrey 8/16/2017 | 12:40:29 PM
Hype There was a lot of hype for OpenStack. Now it seems as though companies can't get away from it fast enough. Sure, there's still support for OpenStack. But every time I see a company move to AWS or Google Cloud I wonder how viable the platform is. 
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