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Google Caffeinates Cloud With Espresso

Google is hoping a shot of Espresso can help solve a couple of problems: improving app performance for customers and helping Google beat Amazon in the cloud.

Espresso is the latest iteration of Google's SDN architecture, focused at the cloud edge. It's designed to improve traditional Internet architecture, which seeks to find any route between two points -- in this case, Google's cloud and an application endpoint. Instead, with Espresso, the network is continually looking for the best route between the cloud and an endpoint, and optimizing to find new routes in real-time to improve performance.

Espresso is part of Google's strategy to win enterprise customers for its Google Cloud Platform, taking market share from Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS). Amazon has 40% of the cloud market, with other competitors -- including Google -- running behind by a big distance.

Google Fellow Amin Vahdat discussed Espresso during a keynote at Open Networking Summit in Santa Clara, Calif., on Tuesday.

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