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Tata Consultancy's Strategic Pivot Has Cloud Implications

Tata Consultancy Services, which has decades of experience supplying systems integration services to the world's largest telcos, is resetting its strategy, and the change has significant implications for enterprise cloud.

As described by my colleague Ray Le Maistre at Light Reading, Tata Consultancy Services Ltd. 's goal is to straddle the line between its traditional professional services business and a new role delivering its own technology products. (See TCS Pivots to Products, Plans M&A.)

TCS is already a significant player in the tech sector, regarded as one of the top four IT services brands in the world, alongside Accenture, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) and IBM, delivering services to companies around the world in many industries, with annual revenues of more than $17 billion and 380,000 staff. The company's Communications, Media and Information (CMI) division generates about $1.9 billion in revenues from its R&D, testing and network/service lifecycle management services, which are used by major network operators such as AT&T and BT, as well as web-scale cloud giants like Facebook and Google and equipment vendors.

So what's new, and how does it affect enterprise cloud? TCS is looking to help meet the demands of digital transformation for both service providers and enterprises, delivering SDN, NFV, orchestration and more. TCS will deliver four themes:

Technology transition. This includes implementing cloud-based technologies such as OpenStack, "cross-cloud" network discovery and analytics, and transitioning staff to new skills.

Supporting multivendor environments.

Developing and delivering AI products. TCS already has an AI engine called Igneo to help with workload optimization and managing computer resources at large enterprises, and TCS is looking to do more.

Offering software-defined intelligent infrastructure for enterprises. This service would be based on OpenStack integration and support, SD-and WAN implementation, with 5G services to come.

For more about what's in TCS's future, see Ray Le Maistre's in-depth report: TCS Pivots to Products, Plans M&A

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mhhfive 2/8/2018 | 1:05:58 PM
SO many proprietary AI engines... It looks like almost every consulting Tech firm needs to have some kind of AI engine project -- with unique branding. But it also sounds a bit counterproductive to have yet another AI engine in a nascent field that would probably benefit more from a more collaborative approach.
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