Cloud Native/NFV

Most Wanted

mhhfive 4/25/2017 | 11:18:49 AM
Playing well with others... Ha! Looks like playing well with others isn't that important to many folks. I knew it... 
Managing29279 4/19/2017 | 2:30:49 PM
Analytics After listening to the last two classes on Upskil U, I think analytics is critical. 
Michelle 4/3/2017 | 11:06:11 AM
Re: DevOps Whle I agree that DevOps is very important, I think barista is the best poll option.
[email protected] 3/29/2017 | 12:21:34 PM
Re: DevOps Joe interesting-- why did you choose Devops over the other other top choices?
Joe Stanganelli 3/16/2017 | 12:44:35 PM
DevOps I chose DevOps, but it's close -- also bearing in mind that "Building and maintaining apps & infrastructure" could be considered a prong of DevOps itself.
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