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Fred Flintstone is a service worker. So is the elephant.
Fred Flintstone is a service worker. So is the elephant.

Mitch Wagner 4/29/2016 | 11:27:43 AM
Re: More Info on Knowledge, Information and Service Workers Hi, Phil! Thanks for sharing that white paper. Downloading it now.... 
Phil Edholm 4/29/2016 | 2:13:53 AM
More Info on Knowledge, Information and Service Workers If anyone reading this post is interested in more information on this topic, the original white paper that covers the concept can be found here:


The PKE Consulting white paper is a detailed analysis of the different classes of workers defined as the KISS (Knowledge, Information and Service Structure). The white paper has a significantly greater level of detail on the worker types, how to define the types, as well as the numbers.  It also includes tools that can be used to identify user types in analyzing an organization. The white paper also includes a detailed analysis of the communication and collaboration modalities used by the various types of workers when interacting with each other or customers. Also, the paper includes the descriptions of the different types of organizations and their adoption modalities of next generation communications.

This thought process is critical to define communications and collaboration requirements, as over 65% of the business communications seats in North America are not used by Knowledge Workers with their Personal Productivity tools, but rather are basic telephony or more frequently today business process integration.

The concept of worker types and their communications modalities is something that I have been working on for 10 years. It is great to see an innovative company like Mitel using this concept.

Joe Stanganelli 4/27/2016 | 1:18:01 AM
Re: Shower power > "They're proprietary."

There's a joke in there somewhere about open source less...bad.
jbtombes 4/26/2016 | 4:36:32 PM
Re: Blurred Lines Applaud your self-awareness regarding fellow conference attendees. That was funny. As for overlaps and blurred lines, the last doctor I saw was so focused on the computer monitor that I asked what he was watching. There's one downside of too much (digitized) information.
Joe Stanganelli 4/25/2016 | 11:42:50 AM
Blurred Lines Your take on this is interesting, Mitch.  For me, the line is blurrier between knowledge workers and information workers.  If I'm understanding correctly, it seems that the distinction lies simply in how much multitasking and interactivity is happening.
Mitch Wagner 4/25/2016 | 11:07:10 AM
Re: Shower power You can go ahead and mine your own bathroom nuggets, Mr. Mendyk. And don't feel the need to share your insights. They're proprietary. I respect that. 
mendyk 4/25/2016 | 10:12:25 AM
Shower power Big data analytics is turning into a rich source of unintentional comedy. Why stop at analyzing shower time? There's a wealth of other nuggets to mine in the bathroom.
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