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SlideshowHPE CEO Whitman to Leave, Soon After Saying She's 'Not Going Anywhere'

Susan Fourtané 12/1/2017 | 7:35:27 AM
Re: Flash Efficiency There is no point for corporations to play such games. They lose credibility.
[email protected] 11/30/2017 | 11:33:39 PM
Re: Flash Efficiency Susan Lies or euphemisms the different sides of the same stick. Sadly the truth is subjective these days and especially in politics and corporations that truth is questionable.
Susan Fourtané 11/30/2017 | 7:09:09 PM
Re: Flash Efficiency In other words, it’s a world packed with lies. What’s the point?
[email protected] 11/30/2017 | 5:57:50 PM
Re: Flash Efficiency Susan very true but CEOs are politicians of a sort, they don't necessarily tell the whole truth because their job is to package the truth to the board to the shareholders and to employees. Its the reality of the job and thinking that you are hearing 100% truth from an executive is foolish they are only saying what they have been cleared to say by PR, legal HR and a host of other communications people at the company.
Susan Fourtané 11/30/2017 | 4:36:06 PM
Re: Flash Efficiency Kq4ym, even though things may change in this case is seems to be quite unlikely. As you say, perhaps CEOs are following a tendency that is not sao good to follow. The problem is that how do you believe next time when she says something?
[email protected] 11/30/2017 | 1:58:27 PM
Re: Flash Efficiency CEOs do have a shelf life and they often can't turn the ship completely unless the infrastructure is there. HP has some serious issues and they were playing catch up they are finally catching up to SaaS and other industry standards that they paid no attention to in the past. It will remain to be seen if an internal replacement will be able to change their direction fast enough for them to survive or if he will be mired in the politics of his years there.
kq4ym 11/30/2017 | 8:43:18 AM
Re: Flash Efficiency And the old joke, how do you know if someone's not telling the truth...their lips are moving. I will watch to see if she really takes that time off and doesn't jump to a new job right away. It looks like CEOs are now trying to take the lead maybe over politicians in the tendency to not tell the whole truth?
Joe Stanganelli 11/23/2017 | 1:00:23 PM
Whitman Around the time of the Uber news and her denial, I suspected that she had quietly put out feelers and was embarrassed by the news. This seems to fall in line with my original suspicions...even if she's not going to another company right away.
Susan Fourtané 11/22/2017 | 5:00:30 PM
Flash Efficiency Perhaps all that work that needed to be done was successfully and efficiently done in the last three months. So, now she can go somewhere. :D Or, somewhere else.
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