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Hottest Cloud Skills for 2017: Exclusive Special Report

When it comes to using cloud computing in the enterprise, the right set of skills can make all the difference. From the CIO to the system administrator, knowing which cloud skills matter is critical for business in 2017 -- and to getting the next great job.

Enterprise Cloud News conducted an exclusive survey of its readers to find out which skills matter the most, and what CIOs and IT managers need to know as the shift to cloud gets underway in 2017.

The report, "Cloud Skills: What's Hot," is now available through Enterprise Cloud News. This exclusive report is free for those who have registered for the site. If you're not registered, the sign-up is free, it only takes a minute and then you can download the news report, get other special reports that we'll publish over the next several months, as well as sign up for our newsletter and leave comments on the message boards.

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The report is based on feedback from Enterprise Cloud News, as well as interviews with some of the leading experts in the cloud computing field.

To read the report and to register for the Enterprise Cloud News site, visit the Information Resources section of the site, and learn more about the hottest cloud computing skills today.

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— Scott Ferguson, Editor, Enterprise Cloud News. Follow him on Twitter @sferguson_LR.

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ak22 4/4/2017 | 2:41:24 PM
Re: Dev-ops I agree, but would've thought the technical knowledge is harder to come by. 
Mitch Wagner 4/3/2017 | 6:15:25 PM
Re: Dev-ops Security is both a technical and business skill. You need to know what to protect, which is a business skill – and how to protect it, a technical skill. 
ak22 3/30/2017 | 5:47:46 PM
Re: Dev-ops Meanwhile, for the poll on this site, security is the front runner. Surely more of a technical skill than a business one?
ak22 3/30/2017 | 2:50:57 AM
Re: Dev-ops But I would also expect business skills to be more common. Presumably it's often technical skills that set the best of those with business skills apart.
[email protected] 3/29/2017 | 8:49:31 AM
Re: Dev-ops Exactly, remember when Java coders were the hot commodity. That did not last long if someone has good business skills and the openness to learn they can acquire the skills needed. If more employers realized this, they would fill their jobs with more successful candidates.
Mitch Wagner 3/28/2017 | 5:07:00 PM
Re: Dev-ops Technical skills are ephemeral. Business skills last a whole career. 
ak22 3/28/2017 | 2:41:01 PM
Re: Dev-ops I'm surprised not to see more technical skills up there. I get the shift away from IT to LOB managers, but nonetheless you'd think that a variety of technical knowledge would be paramount. 
ak22 3/28/2017 | 2:37:14 PM
Re: Dev-ops Too right! Surely the skill of "Scrumming" is essentially just the ability to project manage?
kq4ym 3/21/2017 | 10:06:47 AM
Re: skills not luxury but indispensable Working on the skillset should be an indispensible part of training not only before actual implementation but throughout the workforce journey. But of course sometime the lack of sufficient funding and trainers leaves this aspect behind causing more problem than it should if the planning were a bit better beforehand.
Ariella 3/17/2017 | 2:04:06 PM
Re: Dev-ops @Joe Indeed, it has that grandiloquent ring to it.
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