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Comic-Con Photos: That's Not a Costume. It's Actually a Cat

Superheroes, supervillains and swarms of fans invaded San Diego recently for the annual Comic-Con. Among them: me, armed with my trusty cameraphone.

Comic-Con is a big party for science fiction and fantasy media fans of all types, and a place where Hollywood celebrates the latest TV and movie programming, with panel discussions featuring TV and movie stars and behind-the-camera talent, as well as previews on screen.

Many of the fans come in costume, turning San Diego's downtown Gaslamp District into Mardi Gras.

I've lived in San Diego for 20 years, and gone to Comic-Con most of those years. Some years -- like this year -- I don't get tickets, because they sell out fast. But that's OK. Plenty to see and do downtown in the Gaslamp area even if you don't go into the show itself.

By the way, what does this have to do with enterprise cloud? Nothing. We just thought you'd enjoy it.

Here's some of Comic-Con as I saw it, starting with an observation from San Diego's public transit system, the Trolley light rail.

Oh, Lynda Carter, you've changed.
Oh, Lynda Carter, you've changed.

Nice hats.
Nice hats.

Comic-Con is going to the dogs.
Comic-Con is going to the dogs.

Have condiments, will travel.
Have condiments, will travel.

Surprised she's not drinking green tea.
Surprised she's not drinking green tea.

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kq4ym 8/14/2017 | 6:21:01 PM
Re: Travel fun Well, it looks like San Diego was in for some colorful street folks and costumes. I'd love to wear the umbrella hat as it seems entirely practical but I guess I'm just to "normal" to try it unwilling to take all the stares that might come my way.
mhhfive 8/3/2017 | 11:08:50 AM
Re: Travel fun > "Seems to me that version of Wonder Woman is at least more faithful to the original DC Comics world than the movie was."

Care to elaborate? I'm only a casual WW watcher -- so my main source material was Linda Carter.... 
Joe Stanganelli 8/3/2017 | 10:54:22 AM
Judgment I don't agree with everything he has to say, but I don't blame him when it comes to the "ankle-biters." In the summertime, those black flies can be vicious!

(For the sensitive: That's a joke. About flies and misunderstanding.)
Joe Stanganelli 8/3/2017 | 10:53:21 AM
Re: Travel fun @mhh: Seems to me that version of Wonder Woman is at least more faithful to the original DC Comics world than the movie was.
Joe Stanganelli 8/3/2017 | 10:52:37 AM
Re: LOL.. that warning sign.. Funnily enough, there are probably plenty of UX/UI and design subject-matter experts at Comic-Con who could have helped the protester better design his sign.
Michelle 8/2/2017 | 4:23:11 PM
Re: Travel fun Aww, that's too bad. You got to see another show out on the street... It was quite a show!!
Susan Fourtané 8/1/2017 | 6:41:28 PM
Cat café What in the world is a cat café, Mitch? Is it a place where cats go to drink milk with cat faces in it? Do humans pay $15 because the café is for cats? Or why? :D
mhhfive 8/1/2017 | 2:56:36 PM
Re: Travel fun Wonder -Whoa- Man is a disturbing sight.... Yikes. 

The umbrella hat guys are genius, though. I would wear that around normally just for the shade from the sun.... 
mhhfive 8/1/2017 | 2:54:32 PM
LOL.. that warning sign.. Uh, so.. that sign needs to make it a bit more clear that it's NOT "Jesus Mockers and Catholics Judge You!"

For a second, I was confused. :P

I suppose graphic design is not the strong point of these protesters.
Mitch Wagner 8/1/2017 | 10:47:31 AM
Re: Travel fun Nope, couldn't get tickets this year so I just hung around the Gaslamp. 
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