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SlideshowCloud Skills Shortage Costs Enterprises Millions

Phil_Britt 9/25/2017 | 8:35:01 PM
Re: Balance You're right that the estimate is hard to quantify. Some of these issues could be solved if companies used more training for workers with the right underlying knowledge and who are indeed trainable. This would cost companies money up front, but they could profit in the long run.
kq4ym 9/25/2017 | 8:04:26 AM
Re: Balance Yes, it is ironic the balancing act that takes place with technology. I am wondering about the premise that x amount of dollars is being lost though. It would seem pretty difficult to measure something like that. Although " IT executives reported that the company has lost revenue due to lack of skills by the staff," that would be the case in any department as employers are always looking for more highly skilled employees. But nonetheless, it's something that needs to be addresses as the cloud grows in importance.
Michelle 9/24/2017 | 7:40:24 PM
Re: Balance I don't know if balance is the right term. I see it as a major imbalance. Cloud requires a new skills mix while automation does too. I would say it's all very weird...
danielcawrey 9/24/2017 | 12:00:00 PM
Balance It's a weird balance: Cloud has created an entirely new paradigm where new skills are needed. But this is leading to automation, which theorectically would require less people with skills. I'm on the side that tech is always going to need more people, though. 
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