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Werner Against the Machine (Source: AWS)
Werner Against the Machine (Source: AWS)

danielcawrey 4/21/2017 | 3:45:47 PM
Offer What Amazon offers customers is really compelling - great to see them take some of the complexity businesses no longer need. 

When you think about it, the costs of infrastructure can really go down at scale - and Amazon knows this better than anyone. 
ak22 4/23/2017 | 4:38:50 PM
Open-source It's interesting that lots of companies now favour crowdsourcing and open-source solutions. It's a model that would've been inconceviable to many, not too long ago.
mhhfive 4/26/2017 | 6:35:14 PM
Re: Open-source I wonder if Amazon will ever get its machine learning efforts crossed with its Mechanical Turk service.. It would be kinda neat if you couldn't tell the two apart someday. 
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