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SlideshowSolarWinds Boosts Cloud Offerings With Loggly Acquisition

kq4ym 1/14/2018 | 5:57:24 PM
Re: employees That does seem to be the pattern of course. Cutting expenses and maybe later spinning off the business at a profit. Of course if there was contemplation of a huge increase in earnings and profits quickly, there would be no sale to begin with and one would have seen additional hiring.
mhhfive 1/10/2018 | 2:51:56 AM
Re: employees Exactly. This isn't an acquihire deal. Employees here are going to be downsized with time as they wrap up whatever they were doing and the company figures out who is redundant and who isn't. 
Ariella 1/9/2018 | 1:01:07 PM
employees The way these things go, a fair number of employees will probably transfer over at first. But after some time, the company will assess and consider some of them redundant, and you'd have a round of downsizing.
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