Nyansa Launches Network Analytics for Private Cloud

Mitch Wagner

Nyansa has launched a service to allow enterprises to manage network performance for private clouds. The private cloud version of its Voyance network analytics platform is designed for enterprises with a high level of privacy requirements.

Voyance was previously available as a service offered over the public cloud, running on either Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS) or Microsoft Azure; it now can run on-premises, either as a physical appliance or in the company's own environment, the company announced May 1. (See Nyansa Looks to Diagnose Cloud Application Performance Mysteries.)

Voyance doesn't just measure network performance -- it provides recommendations for ways to improve the client experience on the network, Nyansa says. "We're not throwing data at them. We're answering questions," says David Callisch, Nyansa marketing vice president. "We're trying to understand from the client perspective what the experience is like on the network."

Nyansa claims the global market for private cloud and on-premises network performance management will reach $1.1 billion by 2020 with a compound annual growth rate of 38%. Nyansa attributes those statistics to research by MaretsandMarkets.

Nyansa's typical customers are midsized to large enterprises, with complex environments and highly mobile users, in the technology and retail industries, as well as higher education and healthcare. These enterprises are deploying both human-facing and Internet of Things applications, says CEO Abe Ankumah.

Nyansa CEO Abe Ankumah
Nyansa CEO Abe Ankumah

Network analytics has been a busy area for vendors, as the cloud, mobility and Internet of Things put increased demand on enterprise networks. Cisco bought analytics assets, intellectual property and staff from Saggezza early this month. (See Cisco Buys Analytics Assets From Saggezza.)

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Last month, A10 Networks added analytics capabilities for its A10 Harmony Controller to manage applications on-premises and across multiple clouds. (See A10 Launches Multi-Cloud App Analytics.)

Also last month, VMware Inc.VMware acquired Wavefront to beef up its vRealize product line for cloud application management. (See VMware Buys Wavefront for Cloud App Management .)

And last year Cisco launched Tetration Analytics, to track "every packet, every flow, every speed" in data center networks. (See Cisco Launches Data Center Analytics for Obsessives.)

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6/2/2017 | 3:57:58 PM
Proof of Concept
THis Voyance private cloud solution is simply an extension to our public cloud service that we offer on a 1, 3 or 5 year basis based on the number of users needed to be supported or by the number of "nodes" or access points in the environment.  

For most folks unfamiliar with network analytics we tyipcally arrange custom online demonstration with live customer data so people can gain a better understanding of all the things the service provides.  Once people see the demo they want to trial the product with their own data.  We frequently enter into 30-45 day proof of concept (currently at no cost) so organizations can evaluate the value and usefulness (or lack of value and usefulness) for their particular environment.  The service installs in under and hour (with an appliance we can provide or VM software that you can put into your own VM enviornment (EXSI 5.5 and higher).  If you have an interest in getting a first level demo just contact me at [email protected]

6/2/2017 | 3:52:33 PM
Re: proactive
In our Voyance platform we surface something called Lost client hours that tells IT staff how many hours of lost client connectivity, in aggregate, are lostfrom connectivity issues across the stack from various different dimenations.  Such as over a certain period of time, X thousands of client hours were lost from users trying to access Office 365, SKYPE for Business, etc. due to Wi-Fi, DNS, DHCP, (whatever the issue may be) and then tell folks how to remediate the issue to gain the biggest bang for their buck.
5/31/2017 | 11:38:07 PM
Re: proactive
Excellent point. Demo data could be useful enough to give you a good look at the platform's functions. 
[email protected]
5/31/2017 | 10:49:31 PM
Re: proactive
It's an interesting question but i don't know how valuable it would be since you would need data over time to reap the most benefits of the analytics. I am sure demos are available to prospective buyers.
5/31/2017 | 12:06:01 PM
Re: proactive
I wonder if Nyansa will offer "try before you buy." Because their service could be packaged as ongoing rather than one-time, I am guessing that they would not be giving away the store by allowing trial analytics.
[email protected]
5/30/2017 | 11:05:31 PM
I especially like the recommendations on optimization this builds value into the analytics and can drive efficiencies for users that drive ROI. 
5/30/2017 | 9:42:50 PM
Nice expansion
Nice expansion, going from public cloud performance analytics to private cloud. I remember seeing, from an earlier article on Enterprise Cloud News, that the price was $27,000 for up to 1000 users on its Voyance product. I wonder how many private clouds there are. Nyansa says it's a $1.1 B market, though.
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