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SlideshowGoogle Joins With Salesforce to Mix Online, Offline Customer Analytics

kq4ym 11/14/2017 | 10:55:53 AM
Re: Tall order... And also interesting to see how the idea as one analyst noted of "multiple best friends" may work out for Salesforce and it's "best friends." I wonder if any of those friends may not be so much after some future date. 
mhhfive 11/13/2017 | 11:27:41 PM
Re: Tall order... I thought I saw Overstock.com getting into cryptocurrency stuff -- and I'm willing to bet that Amazon will someday make an Amazon Prime feature that accepts a cryptocurrency. Doesn't Amazon already have a digital currency..? I thought so...
Mitch Wagner 11/13/2017 | 11:18:00 PM
Re: Tall order... Cryptocurrency loyalty program? Excellent idea!
mhhfive 11/13/2017 | 8:58:57 PM
Re: Tall order... If cryptocurrencies really do take off, this would be a potential use case -- since digital currencies can be tracked (as long as they aren't designed to be anonymous). Instead of loyalty programs, I could envision various crypto-coin/wallet schemes for giving customers discounts and tracking them. 

It might be more cost effective for retail companies than punching holes in a card to give away a free tenth item....
Mitch Wagner 11/13/2017 | 5:43:36 PM
Re: Tall order... Retail companies in particular want to be able to know who a customer is whether that customer accesses on the web, mobile, brick-and-mortar, call center -- whatever. 
mhhfive 11/13/2017 | 1:55:53 PM
Tall order... > "The number one ask that I get is to combine our online and offline data together and map the customer journey..."

Yup. It sounds like no one is really getting a handle on the transition from e-commerce to bricks&mortar (or vice versa). Or for B2B customers, it's hard to figure out how potential customer leads can be tracked through various sales channels -- even though it *should* be slightly easier, one would think. 

It'll be interesting to see if Google/Salesforce can crack this nut. 
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