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Cloud Constellation Reveals SpaceBelt Exec Team

LOS ANGELES -- Cloud Constellation today announced the executives, scientists, board advisors and other critical team members bringing its SpaceBelt™ Information Ultra-Highway™ to life. SpaceBelt is a unique cloud infrastructure designed to provide secure storage and transport of mission-critical, sensitive data without interruption or exposure to any surreptitious elements or unintended jurisdictions.

SpaceBelt is the first instance of a global and secure network of interconnected data centers housed on satellites, providing service to the planet without having to cover it with satellites. The minds behind this technology designed a $4 billion system at a cost of under $375 million.

Cloud Constellation's executive team:

Scott Sobhani, CEO and co-founder - Sobhani has held executive positions with Lockheed Martin, Hughes Electronics Corporation, International Telecom Advisory Group (ITAG) and TalkBox. He has closed over $2.3B in new business orders for satellite spacecraft, launch systems and telecom networks, bringing solid business experience and satellite expertise to the company.

Hooshang Kaen, vice chairman and co-founder - Kaen brings 40 years of technology experience to the team. He founded the International Telecom Advisory Group (ITAG) and pioneered or introduced the technologies of Digital Equipment, SPRINT, TeleGlobe and Hughes.

Clifford Beek, president, commercial – A founder of Laser Light Communications and Star Asia Technologies, Cliff Beek brings experience in the management and financing of early-stage ventures for mobile broadband, satellite and cloud service infrastructure areas.

Meet the architects:

Chris Hoeber, technology and integration - Served as CTO and SVP of Space Systems/Loral, with 46 years of engineering experience, including 26 years of strategic and operational executive leadership.

Shahram Moradpour, cloud architecture - Spent 10 years as director at EMC, overseeing the launch and delivery of numerous cloud storage products and solutions. Held various business leadership roles at McAfee, Salesforce.com, Sun Microsystems and TIBCO.

Dr. Krishnan "Raj" Raghavan, satellite architecture - 31 years of experience in the design, development, implementation and marketing of advanced antennas and communication payload systems through technical leadership positions at Boeing, SSL MDA, COM DEV, Orbital ATK and Harris Corporation.

Jeff Snyder, network architecture and regulatory planning - Over 35 years' experience with design, engineering, construction and operation of three major start-up communications satellite and wireless networks including XM Satellite Radio, LightSquared Network and WorldSpace Network.

Additional experts include: James Kaen, general counsel, Elisabeth Tweedie, market intelligence and Pat Van Sloun, contracts.

Hooshang Kaen, Cloud Constellation vice chairman and co-founder, said:

"When we set out to introduce the idea of cloud storage in space, we knew we had our work cut out for us. Today, we have come miles beyond addressing those challenges and have developed a solution that will address the multitude of issues facing cloud providers and government entities around the world. We are thrilled to introduce the team behind the SpaceBelt."

Scott Sobhani, Cloud Constellation CEO and co-founder, said: "If you're going to undertake a first-of-its kind solution like this, you'd better have the expertise to back it up. We've built a team from two formerly independent engineering silos, comprised of Cloud Storage Networking and Satellite Communications. This is a cohesive group of professionals with an incredible depth of business and technical success in both industries. I couldn't be more proud to work with them as we take the next steps in making the SpaceBelt Information Ultra-Highway a reality."

Cloud Constellation Corp.

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