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Manifold Launches With $15M Funding for Multi-Cloud Developer Services

For developers, buying everything from one big cloud is like shopping at Walmart. Maybe you can find what you want, but are you getting the best?

Manifold is aiming to solve that problem. The company launched out of stealth this week with $15 million in funding and a service designed to tie together multiple clouds for developer teams.

Development teams find themselves signing up for multiple, specialized services to meet their different needs, and then struggle to keep track of user access, purchasing, billing, and other accounting and security issues, on a half-dozen or more cloud platforms. Manifold ties all that together with a single dashboard for user andother management, and a single place to pay for many subscribed services.

More specifically, Manifold allows developers to easily find, buy and manage email, logging and other services without being locked into a single cloud platform, creating stacks tailored specifically for their project needs. The Manifold services connects with more than a dozen developer tools, including Scout, Mailgun, LogDNA and RedisGreen.

"We want to make management and the use of third-party infrastructure tools as easy as possible for developers. We want to make it smooth and simple for them to use these services. And we want to make sure developers have a choice," Jevon MacDonald, Manifold CEO and co-founder, tells Enterprise Cloud News.

Manifold's Matt Creager (l) and Jevon MacDonald.
Manifold's Matt Creager (l) and Jevon MacDonald.

"You get into a monocloud, and it's like going to Walmart for everything you need," MacDonald says. You might find what you want, but it's hard to know whether you're getting the best of everything."

The service is initially targeted to small startups, but Manifold expects it to find favor with enterprises as well, which have their own small developer teams that face the same problems as startups, Matt Creager, Manifold's vice president of growth and developer relations, tells Enterprise Cloud News.

The Series A Funding comes from OMERS Ventures, Boldstart Ventures, Version One Ventures and Amplify Partners. Manifold plans to use the funding to build out its team, which already includes developers from Heroku, Salesforce, Red Hat and other developer focused companies, Manifold says.

Manifold is headquartered in San Francisco and Halifax, Canada.

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danielcawrey 9/22/2017 | 12:28:01 PM
Money I can see accounting as a big problem with this multi-cloud world we are now living in. It's no wonder Manifold was in stealth: This is a great idea that rivals could very well have taken upon themselves!
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