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Amazon Launches Repository for Open Source Serverless Code

Amazon has launched the AWS Serverless Repository, a place to share open source software that uses AWS's Lambda serverless platform.

The Amazon Web Services Inc. Serverless Application Repository is designed to provide users with a place to find machine learning, image processing, Internet of Things and general purpose serverless software. The code can be consumed as-is, modified, or users can submit pull requests to the author, AWS chief evangelist Jeff Barr said in a post on the AWS blog on Wednesday. Publishers can share code on the repository, choosing from a variety of open source licenses.

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Barr provides screenshots walking users through the process of posting and downloading code on the blog.

So-called "serverless" computing -- also known as "function-as-a-service" -- automates provisioning cloud infrastructure so developers can focus on application code, hence the moniker "serverless;" to the developer, it's like the server doesn't exist.

AWS pioneered serverless with its Lambda service in 2014. Google Cloud followed with Google Cloud Functions, while IBM Corp. (NYSE: IBM) provides OpenWhisk, an open source serverless platform, and Microsoft Azure offers Azure Functions.

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Susan Fourtané 2/23/2018 | 3:23:11 AM
FaaS The FaaS category seems to be something that really simplifies developers’ life making it much easier to develop, run, and manage application functionality.
kq4ym 2/26/2018 | 12:41:07 PM
Re: FaaS It would seem that Amazon will most likely take the lead in the area, even as Google, Microsoft and IBM have geared up as well. And as IoT exploded in coming years the "serverless" idea will certainly be a boon to development in that area.
Susan Fourtané 2/26/2018 | 9:34:42 PM
Re: FaaS Yes. Amazon’s automation is also coming strong and is now going to compete with FedEx and UPS in the logistics space.
Michelle 2/27/2018 | 9:51:40 PM
Re: FaaS I think you're right about Amazon. They have a very good start with Alexa. They were able to get early adopters to buy into the idea of digital assistants. 
[email protected] 2/28/2018 | 4:34:15 PM
Re: FaaS Amazon has been such an interesting evolution I think their value lies in being masters of execution. They innovate but they also deliver and know when to cut and run. They are a much more interesting company now than they were at inception because now they are really a technology behemoth not an online retailer.
mhhfive 3/6/2018 | 3:24:28 PM
Re: FaaS > "They innovate but they also deliver and know when to cut and run."

Hmm. I'm just wondering what Amazon has cut and run on... Its Fire smartphone? I'd say that project morphed into the Fire tablets and Amazon Echo devices. Maybe it's better to say Amazon knows how to pivot really well? 

Has Amazon cut and run on its search engine? Not really, it just focuses its search algorithm development on things other than "general search" like Google's main consumer service.

Just curious what else Amazon has cut and run on.... hmmm... 
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