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Enea Targets Middleware

SAN JOSE, Calif., and BOSTON -- Enea, the world leader in advanced device software, today announced ElementTM, a new high-availability middleware solution for telecom, automotive, industrial control, and medical instrumentation applications. Element provides a scaleable out-of-the-box solution that makes it easy for OEMs to outsource their middleware development, cutting development time and cost in half for complex, distributed multiprocessor systems.

“The release of Element represents a fundamental shift in middleware development, from an inefficient, proprietary in-house model, to a cost-effective, commercial off-the-shelf model,” said Terry Pearson, vice president of product management for Element at Enea. “Element makes it easy for OEMs to outsource their HA middleware, slashing development time and cost, and freeing up precious engineering resources for more profitable value-added tasks such as application and service development.”

Element provides a set of services that sit between the operating system and applications. Element provides core services for synchronizing, instrumenting, monitoring, and establishing communications between applications spread across multiple operating systems and processors. It also provides network supervision, fault, shelf, and upgrade management services that make it easy to monitor, repair, configure/provision, and upgrade live systems as they operate in the field.

Element is the first HA middleware solution optimized for distributed embedded systems. Element provides an end-to-end solution that makes it easy for OEMs to combine Linux with real-time operating systems like Enea’s OSE™ in the same system. Element is also the first HA middleware equipped to run on DSPs and network processors as well as 32-bit CPUs. This flexibility greatly simplifies application development, enabling designers to use a common set of services with a single API to partition, distribute, and manage applications spread across multiple processors, blades, and operating systems. Element’s support for emerging standards such as SA Forum and ATCA also makes it easy to integrate with target hardware platforms and legacy applications.


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