Echo Boomer

3:30 PM -- The other day, Tellabs Inc. (Nasdaq: TLAB; Frankfurt: BTLA) woke up and thought it was Motorola. Or Nintendo.

The latest bit in the company's Echo Boomer ad campaign is a Website that profiles "real people" talking about... I dunno, stuff, I guess.

In addition to peppering Light Reading with advertisements, which I applaud, the company's publicists are barking up my tree about these new documentary-style videos featuring "real people," presumably the prototypical Echo Boomers.

And to those who haven't watched TV in a while, "real people" means "young people." And young people never have jobs as office temps, dog groomers, or landscaping apprentices. They design stuff and write raps and make video blogs.

They don't look like, say, Nathan Tabor. They look like ethnically diverse versions of Ethan Hawke in Reality Bites.

See, look how lame I am. Even my hip movie references are more than a decade old.

So, what can these little Ethans teach us? In a word, everything. The Tellabs site says they've been "living an all-tech life since day one... It’s a completely new way of living. A New Life."

The point Tellabs is trying to make -- and I'm extrapolating my ass off here -- is that service providers should think of the little Ethans when they aim to roll out new services. These under-25-year-olds are "the future" and Tellabs sells the gear that powers the services that "the future" wants to consume.

I, for one, am way over 25 so I haven't a feather-ducking clue what's what. So I will stay glued to Tellabs' new site for hints. If I learn anything, I won't tell you. Instead, I'll design something that I can rap about on my video blog. Because that's what an Echo Boomer would do.

— Phil Harvey, Old Guy, Light Reading

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