Doughnuts From the Sky? Oh My!

Is there anything more American in the 21st century than having doughnuts delivered to the comfort of your own home by drone?

Unless it's a doughnut delivery drone being forced out of the sky by a bald eagle, then I sure can't think of anything. For that -- gentle readers -- is the latest sign of the irresistable rise of the delivery drone: the airborne wing of the Internet of Things, if you will. (See Amazon Wants Delivery Drones.)

To wit, a drone that delivers glazed treats from above took to the sky Wednesday, in Denver, of all places, piloted by a local doughnut shop. Friday is apparently national doughnut day, so of course, it made perfect sense to do this on a Wednesday.

See this video from the AP for more:

No word yet on how many drones will be needed to swoop in and airlift my morbidly obese frame off the couch after I have subsisted on a steady diet of pizza and doughnuts from the sky for six months.

— Dan Jones, Mobile Editor, Light Reading

kq4ym 6/16/2017 | 10:06:00 AM
Re: Doughnut or Donut? Ah yes, the lengths that publicity folks will go to to get their brand on the news. All the hype off drone deliveries I'm sure will turn out to be a bit fanciful not only because of the congestion and safety issues but the cost will most likely outstrip those of current delivery methods too I would guess.
DanJones 6/4/2017 | 1:40:13 PM
Re: Doughnut or Donut? It was 90% an American debate.
Joe Stanganelli 6/4/2017 | 8:58:58 AM
Re: Doughnut or Donut? @Dan: Thus the editorial debate. Most of the head honchos at LR are Brits, no?
Joe Stanganelli 6/4/2017 | 8:57:34 AM
Donut Day I sure could have used this on free donut day when I was too busy and too exhausted to go out!

But, then, maybe it's better I saved myself from that sugar.
mendyk 6/2/2017 | 4:08:36 PM
Re: Doughnut or Donut? Timely reference, Mr. Perrin. This Centennial Moment brought to you by Dunkin' Donuts, still proudly owned by an American miniglomerate.
Sterling Perrin 6/2/2017 | 4:01:51 PM
Re: Doughnut or Donut? Ich bin ein Berliner.
mendyk 6/1/2017 | 4:54:10 PM
Re: Doughnut or Donut? KK is owned by German investors now. Conspiracy theorists need to weigh in on what this means, and whether its insistence on "doughnuts" is a covfefe-type message to the Secret Inner Circle. #donutgate
brooks7 6/1/2017 | 4:47:47 PM
Re: Doughnut or Donut? What kind of folks are Krispy Kremes for?


mendyk 6/1/2017 | 3:28:22 PM
Re: Doughnut or Donut? Doughnuts are for liberals. Donuts are for Amuricans.
DanJones 6/1/2017 | 3:26:13 PM
Doughnut or Donut? There was some editorial debate about this. Apparently either spelling is fine in US English.
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