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2:30 PM -- What's online this week?

A new column, called "Downloads" will debut in the May 1 issue of TV Guide. The column will feature, according to its PR, "information about the best television shows available for download or online viewing each week."

As a public service, The Philter boarded our time machine and raced forward to pluck the May 1, 2010, issue of TV Guide from levitating newsstands. So here's what the "Downloads" column will say in just four years:

    Well, that's about it. Everything ever available offline is now online and able to be downloaded. Some things are free. Some aren't. Watch whatever the hell you want. Thanks for reading! Goodbye!
The day after the "Downloads" column is ended, TV Guide will announce a new "E-Book Reviews" column, which aims to review the digital-only copy of every book ever written.

— Phil Harvey, Rabbit Ears Editor, Light Reading

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