Don't Take Our Phone, Please

3:30 PM -- Now here's one you don't hear every day. Engadget reports that Samsung has banned its employees from using one of the company's own mobile phones.

CEO Ki-Tae Lee, of Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. (Korea: SEC), warns that the 8-Gbyte memory of the SGH-B570 phone "is more than enough to steal all confidential data about our company" and has mandated that Samsung employees not purchase or use the device. (I've asked Samsung's North America PR agency for some clarification on this -- no response yet.)

Now, this could be a clever marketing ploy: "Just look at how capacious our phones are!" But with Telecoms Korea calling for Lee's head (subscription required -- the CEO's "business sense...is wearing out," the newsletter states), you have to wonder if this is just a case of creeping paranoia.

And is 8 Gbyte really enough to contain Samsung's entire corporate database?

— Richard Martin, Senior Editor, Unstrung

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