Don't Mess With Joe

3:40 PM -- BBC News reports on a man you do not want to cross:

    A former stuntman has warned would-be vandals they face being fired at with a catapult loaded with chicken manure.

    Former stuntman Joe Weston-Webb, 70, said his offices in Kegworth, Notts, have been attacked by arsonists and he was fighting back with the weaponry...
And if that approach proves too chickenshit, Joe's got a fall-back option:

    Mr Weston-Webb, who supplies flooring to hit BBC show Strictly Come Dancing, said he will also use a cannon, which once shot his wife Mary across the River Avon in a circus show, to fire a railway sleeper at intruders.
Ouch. That's gotta hurt. Still, more humane than firing his wife at them.

And his business is aptly named: "Grumpy Joe's Flooring Sales."

— Larry, Attack Monkey, Light Reading

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