Don Keck Named OSA Honorary Member

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The Board of Directors of the Optical Society (OSA) announced today that Donald B. Keck has been elected as the society’s newest Honorary Member. Keck was chosen for his “breakthrough contributions to the field of optical communications, including the invention of the first low-loss optical fiber, and for a history of service to OSA.” Honorary Membership is OSA’s most distinguished membership status. Keck joins a group of just 44 OSA Honorary Members elected since the Society was founded in 1916.

“It is difficult to overstate the importance of the development of low-loss optical fibers. The advances led by Don and his colleagues have resulted in the ability to transmit light without amplification through more than 100 kilometers of optical fiber. This is not only a remarkable technical achievement, but has revolutionized communications,” said OSA President Tony Heinz. “Don’s development of low-loss optical fiber has been indispensable for the advent of the Internet era. The Internet relies on the ability to transmit massive amounts of data across the globe through our communication network. This would not be possible without the existence of low-loss optical fibers. The Optical Society is privileged to have benefited from Don’s vision and service for nearly 50 years. I am delighted to add his name to the remarkable group of Honorary Members.”

The Optical Society (OSA)

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