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Upskill U FAQ

Q: How do I graduate?

A: OK, so you've enrolled in the Upskill U. How do you earn the credits you need to graduate?

As an enrolled student, you will automatically earn completion credits for the number of lectures you attend, plus the amount of interactivity and information you share with other participants. Jump in, ask your questions to our lecturers and share your knowledge with your peers! You can keep track of your progress towards graduation by clicking on your site profile.

Q: So how does graduation work?

A: To graduate from Upskill U, you must complete a minimum of six courses. Students must attend a lecture AND post at least five (5) messages to the individual lecture's message board to earn full credit for each lecture.

Q: How does grading work?

A: Of course, the more lectures that you complete, the better your graduation grade.

  • Complete at least six lectures, and you will graduate cum laude.
  • Complete at least eight lectures, and you will graduate with magna cum laude.
  • Complete at least ten lectures, and you will graduate with summa cum laude.
  • Once you reach summa cum laude, you'll receive a certificate from the Dean of Upskill U!

Q: I attended a course but my profile says "track has been started" instead of "this track has been passed." What do I need to do to "pass" a track?

A: Each "track" is made up of four courses. We have tracks on Virtualization, IoT, Analytics, etc. Passing a track depends on how many comments you posted – "track has been started" means you listened to a course(s) in a track, but you may need to post a few more comments to "pass." The way "points" work is that you get 5 points for attending a course and 1 point (up to 5) for each comment you post in that lecture. You need to score 10 points in at least 6 lectures to "graduate."

Q: What do I get out of this?

A: Graduation confers all sorts of good things on Upskill U students:

  • A certificate signed by the Dean of Upskill U
  • Recognition in our Honor Roll on Upskill U
  • Special status for your registered user profile on the site that shows you're an Upskill U graduate
  • Bragging rights!
  • *Note: Certificates for international listeners outside the United States will be sent via email.

Q: Why haven't I received the promotional item(s) mentioned in the Upskill U emails?

A: All Upskill U promotional items are mailed on a quarterly basis. If you haven't received an item, you may not qualify under the promotion's terms and conditions, which you’ll find at the bottom of each Upskill U email. These terms and conditions provide specific information on eligibility for the corresponding promotional item, so yes, this means you need to read the fine print.

Q: How do I submit topic ideas and/or request to sponsor a track at Upskill U?

A: If you have a suggestion about a course topic or speaker for Upskill U, don't hesitate to send it our way! Email your suggestions to [email protected] and we'll get back to you within 24 hours. You can also contact us via that email address if you'd like to know more about how your organization can sponsor a series of courses at Upskill U.

Don't miss out on this unique (did we mention free?) online educational experience. It's an unmatched opportunity to interact with peers and experts in a real-time environment over the course of four, substantive weeks.

Welcome to Upskill U! Please click here to begin your executive learning experience!

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