Customer Experience Management (CEM)

Mobile Subscriber Experience

It's no secret that the telecom industry doesn't exactly have the best reputation for customer service: Levels of customer satisfaction may even be worse than service providers imagine, given that 85% of their customers rarely call customer service helpdesks.

According to a Procera Networks survey of 540 consumers from across the globe, 60% feel they don't get continuous high-speed coverage and 90% experience video quality problems every day. Even so, 85% say they never, or rarely, call customer service to complain about either issue.

Not surprisingly, the network optimization and intelligence vendor suggests that analytics and real-time quality of experience monitoring is crucial to managing the subscriber experience and helping to ensure that subscribers neither call in to complain nor stew in silence over their network woes. (See Location Awareness Key to Mobile Intelligence .)

Check out the infographic below for more insights from Procera's Mobile Subscriber Experience survey.

mhhf1ve 5/26/2015 | 9:26:43 PM
unsurprising stats... It's difficult to be in a business that has extremely high upfront costs... Airlines and telcos/cableco need to squeeze out revenues from their services. But the real anger from consumers probably comes from a lack of choice to switch to a different provider.

For most airlines, there are alternatives like driving/buses/trains/etc.... 
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