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The World's 6 Most Extreme WiFi Hotspots

WiFi has become a must-have for most travelers whether they are going to New York, Mount Everest, the North Pole or the Moon.

Okay, not too many people are planning trips to the moon, but if they were, they'd be pleasantly surprised to find WiFi there. Those wanting to post an epic selfie after a successful climb up Mount Everest will be happy to know there is WiFi there too.

In the following infographic, WhoIsHostingThis.com outlines some of the world's most extreme WiFi hotspots, most of which are in bucket-list type places that might be a little more snappable given the presence of the unlicensed spectrum.

Mitch Wagner 11/20/2014 | 5:32:32 PM
WiFi? How is the setup on the moon a WiFi hotspot? Are we using WiFi hotspot to be synonymous with any wireless connection? That is the way language often evolves, although engineers often scream about it.

You can get WiFi on the International Space Station, Mount Everest, and (maybe) the Moon. But it's iffy in my kitchen. 
mhhf1ve 10/6/2014 | 4:45:19 PM
what's the backhaul... It's interesting that the backhaul connections for all these links are not as well known as WiFi. And I wonder if there's a guest password on the moon....
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