Is LTE-Advanced Having an Impact?

Twenty-one operators around the world (including the big four in the US) have now deployed some aspects of LTE-Advanced technology on their networks. Have you noticed a difference yet?
  Yes, video streaming is smoother and faster for me.
  Yes, I'm liking the HD Voice-over-LTE services this enables.
  Sure, using the Internet on my phone seems faster.
  I'm not seeing any improvements so far.
  LTE-Advanced? Dude I don't even have decent LTE coverage yet!
  Not sure...

Joe Stanganelli 10/4/2014 | 12:30:27 AM
LTE streaming Honestly, I haven't even bothered investing in a data plan above the minimum because of how spotty (and unnecessary) I've found streaming on my mobile device.

Last time I tried to stream something on mobile was this past summer.  I was in an EXCELLENT location -- the fastest LTE I'd ever seen, barnone -- and trying to play a very simple YouTube video was nigh impossible.

So the heck with LTE streaming.  Not going to invest in a better data plan for some time.  I'll let the early adopters kvetch about it until they stop.  :p
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