Customer Experience Management (CEM)

A Moving Target: Great (Data) Expectations

Customers' expectations for network performance are only growing as operators work harder to steal them from each other.

In fact, according to a new survey from Vasona Networks, the importance of mobile Internet performance when choosing a service provider rose from 29% in 2013 to 32% this year. It's still not the number one factor, but 72% of customers now expect good mobile data performance all the time.

More importantly, when that experience is poor -- even if it's an app messing up -- you can guess who they'll blame: the mobile operators. While 40% said last year that they hold mobile operators most responsible when apps don’t function properly, that number rose to 55% this year.

Check out Vasona's infographic below for a snapshot of mobile customer expectations and what they mean to network operators.

danielcawrey 9/8/2014 | 7:51:54 PM
Re: Only 42%... Interesting to think that it is the operators who are blamed for app failures. I think that app performance is a bigger issue than many realize. But when it comes to data delivery, I'm expecting my carrier to deliver.

Verizon has always been good for that for my personal data services as well as for the IT work I've done – they've done well for themselves by being extremely reliable. 
Joe Stanganelli 8/30/2014 | 10:56:34 PM
Only 42%... 42% is depressingly low.

People generally like to and prefer to recommend the businesses they do business with to other people -- because, as a matter of consistency, is allows them to "prove" to themselves that they have made the right decision.

For those who do not recommend the businesses they do business with, what an emotional drain indeed -- even aside from the inherent frustration they have with the particular business -- for, as Cialdini suggests, the human mind wishes for consistency in all things that we do.