Intro: Long-Haul Optical Transport

Bragging rights in the area of 100G long-haul optical transport have always been a hot discussion topic for Light Reading's audience. When we recently called into question AlcaLu's 100G Boast, readers piled on quickly with 21 comments, several with deep details about how each vendor sets itself apart in optical transport.

We know that commercial 100G systems are still new and only a handful of companies can be called early movers in that space. Some of these vendors, by the way, include Alcatel-Lucent, Ciena, Huawei, and Cisco -- the biggest companies in the telecom equipment world.

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Cisco, though, hasn't been the loudest in the 100G shouting match. But the company has taken this test of its equipment and demonstration of its Super Channels research to prove a point: Cisco does still have a horse in the long-haul optical transport race.

"Cisco is demonstrating that they are an early mover in commercial 100Gbit/s systems," says Sterling Perrin, an analyst at Heavy Reading. "Performance of 1-wavelength 100G still needs to be demonstrated to the market and there is a perception that 1-wave 100G isn’t up to the performance of the 2-wave 100G championed by Ciena. So this test definitely addresses that point."

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