BayPackets Inc.

Table 1: Company Information
Company name BayPackets Inc.
Address 46610 Landing Parkway, Fremont, CA 94538
Country USA
Website URL http://www.baypackets.com
Public or private ownership Private
When founded 2000
Employees 115
Annual sales Not disclosed
Company summary BayPackets Inc. has developed communications software that enables local, long-distance, and broadband operators to profitably deploy and manage enhanced voice and data solutions from a single point in their networks. BayPackets' Agility Network Services Platform (NSP) helps service providers efficiently utilize their network (circuit-switched, packet, wireless, or cable) to rapidly deliver customized, bundled voice and data services such as toll free, Voice VPN, prepaid card, and unified communications.
Contact information for prospective customers [email protected]



Product 1 Agility NSP offers: Converged network capability -- interfaces for TDM signaling (SS7) and IP signaling (SIP). Complete, standalone Element Management System (EMS) with web-based interface and extensive API's for third-party integration. Full Service Creation Environment and Software Developer Kit. Third-party ISV program for applications such as conferencing, contact center, and IP Centrex. Resource framework for plug-in capability servers such as messaging, charging, location, and presence. OSA/Parlay Gateway.

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