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Optical Networking Resources

Name: Institute for Telecommunication Sciences
URL: http://www.its.bldrdoc.gov/projects/t1glossary2000/ (new version)
URL: http://glossary.its.bldrdoc.gov/fs-1037/ (old version)
This glossary exists in two versions, each of which is a comprehensive source of telecommunication terms, including most of those used in optical networking. The newer version is being updated, sources say.

Name: What Is.com
URL: http://www.whatis.com/
A comprehensive list of information technology terms, including optical networking terms.

Name: OKI Semiconductor Laser Glossary
URL: www.okisemi.com
Comprehensive list of fiber optic term focusing on laser technology.

Name: JM Fiber Optics
URL: http://www.jmfiberoptics.com/products/fiber_optic_info/glossary/index.html
Fairly comprehensive list of fiber optic terms.

Name: Space and Electronic Warfare Lexicon
URL: http://www.sew-lexicon.com/
A technical glossary focused on military technology that defines optical networking terms such as DWDM.

Name: Seiko Instruments
URL: http://www.seikofiber.com/html/intro2fo/glossary.html#D_TERMS
A decent glossary of fiber optic terms.

Name: University of Pisa’s Laser Glossary
URL: http://www.ing.unipi.it/~d7384/com_ottiche/LaserGlossario.html
List of fiber optic terms focusing on laser technology.

Name: Acronym Finder
URL: http://www.acronymfinder.com
A comprehensive database of acronyms and abbreviations with their definitions, including but not limited to optical terminology. For good, clean fun, check out the jargon-generating Systematic Buzz Phrase Projector.

Name: Neptec
URL: http://www.neptecinc.com/glossary.html#13
Decent glossary of optical terms.

Name: Chromatic Technologies
URL: http://www.drakausa.com/CTIglos.htm
A basic, not-very-comprehensive glossary of optical networking terms.

Name: Nanoptics
URL: http://www.nanoptics.com/Glossary.htm
A tiny glossary that defines some unusual terms.

Name: Fotec
URL: http://www.fotec.com/glossary.htm
Small glossary focused on fiber field work and testing.

Note: The following site provides links to many different aspects of the optical industry, including manufacturers, organizations, and tutorials:

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