Docsis 3.0 Gear Tracker IV

5:10 PM -- With a modem from Hitron Technologies Inc. getting the Docsis 3.0-certification stamp from CableLabs following Wave 61, it's time again to update our list of gear that's been approved for the super-speedy spec. (See Hitron Breaks the Docsis 3.0 Barrier.)

Table 1: Docsis 3.0-Certified Modems and E-MTAs
Vendor Product Certification Wave approved
Ambit U10C035 58
Arris Touchstone 702G Embedded Multimedia Terminal Adapter 58, 59*
Arris WBM750 59
Cisco DPC3000 58
Cisco DPQ3202 60
Hitron BRG-35503 61
Motorola SB6120 58
Motorola SBV6220 58, 59*
Netgear CMD31T 60
*Device re-certified for Docsis 3.0 and obtained initial PacketCable 1.5 certification in Wave 59.
Source: CableLabs and the companies

Table 2: Docsis 3.0-Qualified Cable Modem Termination Systems (CMTSs)
Vendor Product Wave qualified Highest level of 3.0 qualification achieved*
Arris C4 CMTS 56 Bronze
Casa Systems C2200 CMTS** 58 Full
Casa Systems C3200 CMTS 58 Full
Cisco uBR10012 56 Bronze
Motorola BSR64000 58 Bronze
* CableLabs presently uses a tiered CMTS qualification system, awarding "Bronze," "Silver," and "Full" designations based on the product's supported features. That tiered system is expected to sunset in early 2009.
** Casa's C2200 CMTS won Silver qualification in Wave 56.
Source: The companies and CableLabs.

It's possible that more gear could come through Wave 62 with passing grades for Docsis 3.0, so we'll keep our eyes peeled.

— Jeff Baumgartner, Site Editor, Cable Digital News

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