Dish, Texas

6:00 AM – Welcome to Dish, Texas

From today's steaming pile of PR:

EchoStar Communications Corporation... and the town of Clark, Texas, announced today that the town of Clark has accepted DISH Network's challenge to rebrand itself as part of the DISH City Makeover.

As of today, Clark, Texas, a small... community located a half hour north of Fort Worth, Texas, has legally changed its name to DISH, Texas. In exchange, DISH Network has agreed to provide every household in the town of DISH 10 years of free basic satellite TV programming, including equipment and standard installation...

The Clark Town Commissioners voted to rename the town DISH Tuesday evening at a packed town hall meeting. Clark, first incorporated as a town in 2000, is located 25 miles north of Ft. Worth and has a population of 125. The town of Clark is a rural agricultural and ranching community as well as a bedroom community for commuters who work in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area...

Town signs will be changed to reflect the town's new identity, including the signs at the town hall, the town entrance, and all of the city limit signs.

Sounds like a good deal. I wonder what kind of deal the Texas city of Mercedes was able to score?

— Dish Harvey, Dishy Dish Dish Editor, Dish Reading

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