Disease of the Month

10:35 AM -- Good news for telecom professionals: The medical profession comes up with inane buzzwords at an even faster clip than you do. Hot on the heels of last month's stressorexia comes... wait for it... "DRUNKorexia"! Britain's Telegraph Website has the lurid details:

    Women are increasingly skipping meals in order to "spend" their daily calories on drink in a phenomenon known as "drunkorexia".

    With pressure on young women to drink but also remain slim, many are now swapping dinner for a large glass or two
    [or four?] of wine.

    Slimming clubs where food items are given points and dieters have to stick to a daily limit may encourage the practice, according to experts.

    They said the habit, widespread in America, is becoming more common in Britain.

    Prof Janet Treasure, the head of the eating disorder unit at the Institute of Psychiatry in London, said the practice was very dangerous as it was effectively combining binge drinking and disordered eating patterns.
I like it. "Drinking your dinner" we used to call it. "Drunkorexia" rolls off the tongue much more nicely. Especially after you've had a few.

I'm not a drunk -- I'm a drunkorexic! — Larry, Attack Monkey, Light Reading

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