Disease of the Month

1:30 PM -- Today's Daily Mail reports that "a new type of eating disorder is emerging among maturer women - 'stressorexia'."

Really. Stressorexia. Treatment, I'm guessing, may involve a radical walletectomy.

    The condition affects those in their late 20s to 40s who are unwilling or unable to reduce their workload. As they become drained, anxious and stressed-out, they stop eating properly, and can experience dramatic weight loss...

    Dr Adrian Lord, consultant psychiatrist at the Cygnet Hospital in Harrow, a private psychiatric clinic, said: "Stressorexia is not a scientific diagnosis that a doctor
    [1] would make but anecdotally its symptoms are very prevalent among women...
Dr Lord then rather gives the anecdotal game away (employing, be it noted, a singularly unfortunate choice of words):

    "Although there are no studies [2] or empirical evidence [3] showing how many women are affected by this, these type of cases are the bread and butter of our clinic." [4]
Bread and butter... mmmmmmm...

— Larry, Attack Monkey, Light Reading

1. A real doctor, that is
2. No studies
3. No evidence
4. Ka-ching!

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