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Ganzi raises his personal DigitalBridge bet to almost $6M

DigitalBridge CEO Marc Ganzi is pretty sure his company has a bright future.

He believes in that future strongly enough that he has so far bought roughly $5.8 million of the company's shares with his own money. He raised that investment by almost $1 million during the month of September alone.

The financial analysts at Raymond James argue that Ganzi's recent stock purchases help to underscore the company's solid financial position.

"Clearly, Mr. Ganzi is heavily aligned with public shareholders, and given the significant recent share price underperformance, we are not surprised he is putting even more of his own money into the stock, along with the company doing the same with a $200 million authorized share buyback plan," they wrote in a note to investors Friday.

The analysts added that the recent turmoil in the stock market has hit digital infrastructure companies like DigitalBridge particularly hard. As a result, they argued that now may be the time to invest. "We are encouraged by significant insider buying," they wrote.

Another indication of DigitalBridge's potential? The nation's top digital infrastructure lobbyist, Jonathan Adelstein, recently agreed to leave the Wireless Infrastructure Association (WIA) trade group to become DigitalBridge's head of global policy.

DigitalBridge CEO Marc Ganzi.
 (Source: DigitalBridge. Used with permission)
DigitalBridge CEO Marc Ganzi.
(Source: DigitalBridge. Used with permission)

Ganzi founded Global Tower Partners (GTP) in 2003 and grew the business into the largest privately owned cell tower company in the US when he sold it to tower giant American Tower in 2013 for $4.8 billion. Then Ganzi founded DigitalBridge, a sort of network infrastructure conglomerate with a portfolio that now includes the largest private tower company in the US (Vertical Bridge), as well as the largest private small cell company in the US (ExteNet Systems), two data center companies (DataBank and Vantage Data Centers) and tower operations in several countries, including the UK, Mexico and Peru.

Ganzi has been working in recent years to refine and expand DigtialBridge's business to cover virtually every aspect of the "digital infrastructure" business, from fiber networks to data centers to small cells to macro cell towers – all over the world.

For example, in just the past few months, DigitalBridge announced an $11 billion agreement to take data center company Switch private. It invested $220 million into fiber company Everstream. And it agreed to acquire AMP Capital's global infrastructure equity investment management business for $328 million.

What's next for Ganzi? DigitalBridge is reportedly among those interested in acquiring Radius Global Infrastructure.

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