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Rural ISPs struggling to meet FCC mapping deadline

Small ISPs are scrambling to meet a September 1 deadline to submit coverage data to the FCC, or risk being locked out of the $42.5 billion BEAD program.

The Buildout: Kinetic in Kentucky, Meta's Cleveland collab, Charter completes $3M CARES Act build

This week in broadband builds: Charter goes live with RDOF and CARES Act builds; Meta supports DigitalC FWA; Cisco gets in on Neighborhood Wi-Fi; Kinetic and Conexon build in Kentucky; Brightspeed in Arkansas; Glo Fiber in Pennsylvania.

FCC starts coveting Big Tech's big piggy bank

For the first time, the FCC has indicated a willingness to consider a fee on Big Tech to pay for telecom services. But the agency is looking for Congressional approval for such a move first.

Starry still optimistic about RDOF

'We are confident it will be granted in the near term,' Starry said of its application for Rural Digital Opportunity Fund (RDOF) money. That's noteworthy considering the FCC rejected LTD and Starlink from the RDOF.

The Divide: How a co-op is solving 'the broadband problem' in rural Georgia

This episode features Conexon's Jonathan Chambers and Central Georgia EMC's Herschel Arant. We discuss their work delivering fiber broadband in Georgia, why rural customers are taking gig speeds and why co-ops are well placed to deliver on federal funding.

New York leveraging state-owned fiber for first 'ConnectAll' build

The state's first ConnectAll grant will help fund an open access fiber build in the Village of Sherburne that the mayor says has been years in the making.

Starry seeks paths to bridge its funding gap

Starry, a fixed wireless operator that expects to end 2022 with over 100,000 subscribers, is 'exploring a combination of debt, equity and other financing vehicles' to get to break-even, CEO Chet Kanojia says.

LinkNYC begins deploying 5G kiosks – but not yet with 5G inside

LinkNYC's deal with the city, amended in 2021, includes not just a 5G-based business model but the goal of 4,000 kiosks starting in underserved areas.

'Buy America' rules have broadband industry on edge

Many in the industry have been raising concerns about the federal government's 'Buy America' rules for subsidized broadband builds. But some also see an opportunity.

The Buildout: Charter, Windstream win in North Carolina, Comcast gets $10M in Baltimore, Lumen launches 8 Gbit/s

This week in broadband builds: Charter and Windstream win in North Carolina; Comcast gets $10 million in Maryland; Lumen launches 8 Gbit/s; Internet Society awards EPIC grants. Plus construction and launches from Fidium Fiber, Brightspeed, Metronet and more.

The Divide: WISPs are the digital divide's 'first responders,' says new WISPA CEO

David Zumwalt, CEO of WISPA, joins the podcast to discuss how fixed wireless providers are tackling the digital divide. We also get into WISPA's take on federal funding rules, unlicensed spectrum and why Zumwalt calls the FCC's broadband mapping effort 'an area of great concern.'

Yellowstone Fiber sees no 'rational ROI' in rural Montana without federal funds

As Yellowstone Fiber builds out its open access network in Gallatin County, Montana, the company is now looking to ARPA and BEAD grants to reach the most unserved parts of the region.

The Buildout: Charter nets millions in Louisiana, Consolidated goes to Washington, and more

This week in broadband builds: Starry goes to Vegas; USDA doles out $401M; Florida co-op enlists Conexon; AT&T, Comcast, Charter get GUMBO grants; Consolidated's construction in Ellensburg, Washington; Metronet declares Greencastle a 'gigabit city'; Brightspeed's plans for Pennsylvania.

Dell CTO Roese: Building broadband and private 5G networks

John Roese, the global CTO at Dell Technologies, discusses the company's views on edge computing and why the private 5G networking space is just starting to heat up.

BEAD's high-cost threshold 'key area' of concern for fiber advocates

While NTIA's notice of funding opportunity prioritizes fiber builds for those applying for BEAD grants, a 'high-cost threshold' exception has been a point of concern for fiber advocates.

Comcast's Broderick Johnson on Internet access and the pursuit of 'digital equity'

In this podcast, Broderick Johnson, EVP for public policy and EVP for digital equity at Comcast, offers a brief history lesson on 'digital equity' and why identifying and lowering barriers to Internet adoption are critical.

FCC proposes $2.3M fine for LTD's defaulted RDOF bids

The FCC proposed over $4 million in fines against defaulted RDOF applicants, with $2.3 million of those fines for the auction's largest bidder, LTD Broadband.

Rural US wireless carriers ask for more 5G subsidies

The FCC set aside $9 billion in 2020 to help fund the construction of 5G networks in rural areas of the US. But the operators serving that market are arguing for more, to the tune of $36 billion.

Airbus' HAPS eyes success where Google and Facebook only found failure

Airbus will enter the 'connectivity services business' by formalizing a division around its Zephyr High Altitude Platform Station (HAPS). In doing so, it's engaging a space fraught with failures.

The Divide: Measuring Internet equity, with Nick Feamster

Nick Feamster, director of research for the Data Science Institute at the University of Chicago, recently joined the Light Reading Podcast to discuss his team's research based on the Internet Equity Initiative data portal, which uses Ookla Speedtest data to map out Internet inequities.

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