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Key developments related to mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets.
By Gagandeep Kaur, Contributing Editor, 12/6/2019
India's youngest and most aggressive operator could be the main beneficiary of an increase in prices.
By Dan Jones, Mobile Editor, 12/5/2019
The midband technology is expected to be initially used by mobile operators for traffic offhaul and fixed wireless operators.
By Paul Rainford, Assistant Editor, Europe, 12/3/2019
Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Trump threatens cheese war with France over tech titans tax; Sky plans major new TV studio; Nokia lands smart grid gig in Finland.
By Mike Dano, Editorial Director, 5G & Mobile Strategies, 12/3/2019
The GSMA said it will create a new standards-setting process for eSIM technology, pushed by a Department of Justice antitrust investigation. The effort could have eSIM implications for everyone from Google to Charter.
By Dan Jones, Mobile Editor, 12/3/2019
Leak detection specialist Gutermann is starting an NB-IoT trial with Vodafone in the UK.
By Iain Morris, International Editor, 12/3/2019
The mainly Russian operator has quit Ukraine and is targeting a bigger share of revenues from outside the telecom sector in its home market.
By Dan Jones, Mobile Editor, 12/2/2019
T-Mobile says it will cover more than 200 million people in the US with its 5G network
By Robert Clark, 11/29/2019
China is finally about to get mobile number portability and millions of consumers are expected to take advantage.
By Dan Jones, Mobile Editor, 11/27/2019
MediaTek says its first 5G silicon will arrive in commercial smartphones by Q1 2020.
By Robert Clark, 11/27/2019
The manufacturing giant is diversifying into 5G in a bid to become a technology services company.
By Iain Morris, News Editor, 11/26/2019
Like any doting parent, the Swedish equipment giant is expecting a lot from the NB-IoT and Cat-M technologies it helped to spawn.
By Dan Jones, Mobile Editor, 11/25/2019
The pair expect to launch silicon, to be used by Dell and HP, in early 2021.
By Dan Jones, Mobile Editor, 11/25/2019
Donaldson Company is an initial user for connected dust filtration systems.
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