Defend Your Screen

2:00 PM -- As a lifetime subscriber to MDA Update, a quarterly publication of the Pentagon's Missile Defense Agency, Red Panda is already privy to all the latest scientific breakthroughs from America's own Star Warriors. But now you, too, can enjoy the fruits of the Great Hundred Billion Dollar Boondoggle!

Twenty years in and still without a single space-based laser to show for it, it seems those notorious (OK, alleged) test fakers and taxpayer defrauders are feeling some pressure to justify their continued existence.

The answer? A new screensaver, highlighting their contributions to the march of science! Download it now to learn about all the great things space-umbrella research has given us: Carbon foam! Silicon carbide wafers! Avalanche photodiodes! Everything, in other words, except actual protection from Armageddon. But hey, you can't have everything...

— Darth Panda, Light Reading
paolo.franzoi 12/5/2012 | 3:05:58 AM
re: Defend Your Screen
Quoting such esteemed organizations as the socialists (note the wonderful quote about rich American Elite taking over the world) about a 10 year old controversy. Could use some more recent stuff than this if you are going to make an actual point.

I am not a big fan of missle defense, but please at least be relevant to today.

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