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The Notebook Dump: 5G transport, open RAN and NYC subways

The editors discuss Light Reading's recent 5G Transport & Networking Strategies event, held in conjunction with the Open RAN North America trade show in New York City.

ZTE wants to return to handset A-list

ZTE, once one of the world's top handset brands, wants to return to the top end of the smartphone game.

Winner unclear in Apple, Ericsson 5G patent settlement

The terms of the 5G patent-licensing agreement between iPhone maker Apple and infrastructure giant Ericsson were not disclosed. That has led to plenty of speculation.

Meta kills Facebook Connectivity

For almost a decade, what became Meta Connectivity had sought innovative technologies that could connect people to the company's social network. But that's over now.

The growing pains of open RAN

Open RAN remains a relatively new and untested approach to 5G and potentially 6G. As a result, today's partners could become tomorrow's competitors.

The Buildout: Comcast expands in Minnesota and West Virginia

This week in broadband builds: Comcast expands in Minnesota and West Virginia, Kinetic reaches into rural Pennsylvania, Clearwave goes to Kansas, AT&T wins in Indiana – and more.

Eurobites: UK and friends swear allegiance to telecom supply-chain diversity

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Saudis hunker down with Huawei; OneWeb's latest satellites blast off; Vodacom offices sealed and accounts frozen in DRC.

Heavy Reading's Gabriel Brown: 5G's long road ahead

At Light Reading's 5G Transport & Networking Strategies event, analyst Gabriel Brown discusses the reality of the 5G market – standalone 5G is still on the horizon, and making all those systems work together is the industry's next big challenge.

The 6G mess is getting out of hand

A standard hunting for a solution in search of a problem is beset by some awkward market realities and geopolitical strife.

Evoca TV sparks petition to help save troubled video service

Facing a possible shutdown, the pay-TV provider has launched a petition targeting Stan Kroenke, a billionaire exec tied to the Denver Nuggets, and Dick Monfort, head of the Colorado Rockies.

Comcast builds 'unified optical architecture' for business services

Years in the making, Comcast's unified optical architecture combines the access and metro networks under a standardized, vendor-agnostic approach for hardware, configurations, procurement and processes.

Rakuten Mobile: Don't be 'roadkill' – secure open RAN now

While invested in the development of security standards for open RAN, Rakuten Mobile isn't wasting any time in deploying the technology.

Ciena smashes sales target after setting expectations low

Stock soars despite year-on-year declines in revenues and profitability, but supply chain problems eased, said the optical equipment maker.

Tough US export controls could soon extend to ASML gear – report

Dutch government ready to enforce restrictions on sales of advanced manufacturing equipment to China.

Heavy Reading's Sterling Perrin: Lowering latency in 5G networks

At Light Reading's one-day optical networking event, analyst Sterling Perrin recaps the highlights and discusses how transport networks are evolving to accommodate 5G latency demands.

When to launch 5G network slicing

Heavy Reading operator survey signals progress on the commercialization of 5G network slicing.

Eurobites: BT could face pension fund cash call following gilts market mayhem

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: BT tackles its legacy tech with Tata; Iliad's Free gets fined for personal-data carelessness; UK and Japan cozy up for a digital future.

Broadband network sales soared but cable spending fell flat in Q3 – Dell'Oro

The broadband access sector sales grew 17% in Q3 thanks to an acceleration of PON deployments. Overall cable access spending plateaued, but DAA spending surged, Dell'Oro said.

Senator seeks stakeholder input on Biden's broadband rules

Senator John Thune (R-SD) is seeking industry input by January 6 on questions related to the federal government's funding of broadband.

USCellular targets ramp up of commercial C-RAN for 2024

Moving from a distributed RAN to centralized RAN can be costly and time consuming if not executed with a thoughtful strategy, said USCellular's Reggie Collette.

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