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Charter makes rare acquisition amid focus on rural network expansions

M&A opportunities have been few and far between, but Charter has reportedly struck a deal to acquire Bee Line Cable, a family-owned operator serving parts of central Maine.

Court upholds USF for now but future of broadband subsidies still murky

The Universal Service Fund, or USF, survived the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, but its future is still uncertain.

IoT consolidation continues via KORE's new Twilio deal

Longtime Internet of Things (IoT) player KORE announced that it will acquire Twilio's IoT business. The transaction shines more light on the tumult enveloping the IoT space.

BT would be nuts to replace Jansen now

The UK telecom incumbent is reportedly searching for a new boss, but it will have trouble finding one who can do any better.

Frontier tightens ties to YouTube TV, targets cable's bundle

Signaling a new attack on cable's broadband/pay-TV bundle, Frontier is now offering its own broadband service and YouTube TV on the same bill. YouTube TV is now Frontier's primary video offering for new customers.

First open RAN / vRAN installations expected to ramp up

Key findings from Heavy Reading's Open RAN Platforms and Architectures Operator Survey Report indicate that the ecosystem is continuing to develop and that a very significant number of service providers expect to complete first installations within two years.

US hardball drove Chinese vendor from huge cable project: reports

US government pressure forced Chinese vendor HMN Technologies out of the 19,000-km Sea-Me-We 6 (SMW6) subsea cable in favor of New Jersey-based SubCom, it's been reported.

Fair share or net neutrality? Cakeist EC thinks it can have both

The European Union seems to be approaching the subject the way Boris Johnson approached Brexit.

Glance still planning US launch, at some point

Glance has not yet launched its services in the US. That's noteworthy considering reports last year indicated the startup's US launch was imminent.

India’s Airtel Nxtra to double capacity by 2025 to increase market share

Airtel's data center arm, Nxtra, will come up with seven new data centers to double capacity as competition heats up and the stage is set for consolidation.

Eurobites: BT boss Jansen's days are numbered – report

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: OneWeb completes its constellation; KPN has a management re-jig; Nokia helps CSPs save more network energy.

Meta says it's the telcos' job to build and monetize network infrastructure

Familiar disagreements between Big Tech, telcos, regulators and the European Commission regarding the fairness of fair-share arguments got an airing during a Politico debate in Brussels.

Cable broadband: A look forward... and a look (way, way) back

The recent Cable Next-Gen event looked ahead. But it was also an opportunity to look back, when there was no DOCSIS and data was delivered over a 6MHz channel – enough to be 'wicked fast.'

Why Intel ditched 5G laptops, and what to expect next

Intel is exiting the market for 5G-capable laptops, a clear blow to 5G network operators. But there may still be hope in Qualcomm's 5G laptops – unless a lawsuit from ARM upsets the situation.

The Notebook Dump: T-Mobile to scrap 5G reliability ads

The editors discuss cable versus fiber, consumer broadband labels and potential roadblocks to BEAD program rollouts. They also examine why T-Mobile will need to re-think its 5G advertising strategy and whether TikTok is now cooler than ever.

The Buildout: NTIA awards $25.7M for tribal broadband, altafiber expands in Ohio

This week in broadband builds: NTIA awards tribal broadband funding; altafiber to build in Warren County, Ohio; TDS grows in Wisconsin; NYC expands Big Apple Connect – and more.

Apparently, the metaverse will run just fine on 5G

'The development of the metaverse will not require telecom operators to grow capital expenditures for greater network investment,' according to Meta executives. Last year, the company offered a different story.

US chip exposure to China grew even more last year

After a two-year surge in sales to China, US semiconductor companies stand to lose billions in revenues as export controls are tightened.

Ciena's Steve Alexander: A terabit in the hand

Ciena CTO Steve Alexander discusses the WaveLogic 6 announcement, the OFCnet, and reminds us of how dramatically optical networking technology has speed up and shrunk down over the years.

Comcast's Elad Nafshi on network scale, DAA, 10G, PON and what's next for FDX

Elad Nafshi, Comcast's EVP and chief network officer, joined Light Reading's Jeff Baumgartner at Cable Next-Gen 2023 to expand on multiple facets of the operator's network evolution.

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