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SD-WAN revenue to hit $5.5 billion in 2025, Omdia reports

SD-WAN product revenues reached $844 million in Q2, an increase of more than 30% year-over-year. This shows, overall, that the pandemic hasn't negatively impacted the SD-WAN market, says Omdia's Dominika Koncewicz.

CableLabs' Kyrio unit sets sights on network convergence

Kyrio's new software-powered Adaptive Route Control (ARC) system enables fixed and mobile operators to route customer traffic to the best available network on an application-by-application basis.

Supply-chain woes cost Adtran $9M, but supplier reports 'record demand' for Q3

'Although our revenue growth and profitability in the near-term are impacted by the supply chain issues, our long-term outlook continues to strengthen,' says Adtran CEO Tom Stanton.

Sweden's Sivers buys 5G mmWave startup MixComm for $135M

Sivers CEO Anders Storm proclaims that 'most of the world is going to start rolling out' mmWave 5G.

Debt-slashing Telefónica flogs Salvadoran business

Telefónica finally manages to offload its El Salvadoran mobile business, after a scotched 2019 deal, but gets less than half last time's sale price.

Europe at loggerheads over wholesale roaming charges

Parliamentary committee wants lower caps than ones proposed by the European Council and European Commission.

Vecima leaps into cable's 'GAP'

The supplier said the Entra EN9000, a node based on SCTE standards for the Generic Access Platform (GAP), will be available for lab tests in the first half of 2022. Expect Charter to be among the first in line.

Comcast could spark FDX Amplifier trials in 2022, deployments in 2023

The rise of this new class of product will put Comcast in position to deploy upstream-boosting Full Duplex DOCSIS technology to a large portion of its HFC network.

FCC vacancies threaten to derail US broadband plans

Without a permanent chair or adequate staff, and at risk of losing its Democratic majority, the FCC will fail to make meaningful progress on crucial broadband programs, a former agency official warns.

Eurobites: Proximus sprouts more fiber around Brussels

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Orange opens two more digital centers in Africa; Telia TV hosts HBO Max; smart-home wars.

WiCipedia: The 'broken rungs' of women's careers

This week in our WiC roundup: Women get short shrift when it comes to promotions; workplace harassment is as pervasive as ever; telecom steps into the 21st century; and more.

Net neutrality moaning shows telcos are stuck in the past

Internet companies have done operators a massive favor by serving up the apps that consumers demand, but operators still think the app developers should pay.

Omdia's Julie Kunstler on what's going on with PON

Julie Kunstler discusses developments in passive optical networks and why operators are turning to PON to reduce 5G small cell transport costs, and to support their own 'green' initiatives.

Microsoft starts selling transport, routing services to 5G operators

Microsoft said it has built a 'well-managed, reliable, and performant' transport and routing network for its Azure cloud computing service. Now it's selling that network to 5G operators.

Andromeda auction bidding slows while concerns grow

'Prices have increased slower than we projected,' wrote the financial analysts at Credit Suisse. Bidding so far is nowhere near the auction's reserve price.

Omdia's Jaimie Lenderman on the changing broadband landscape

Jaimie Lenderman discusses the growth of altnets, the entrance of new vendors, the evolution of PON and why the industry is poised for 'exponential' growth.

Stratosphere emerging as the next big Internet battleground

SmartSky, Aeronet, Gogo and HAPSMobile are just some of the companies that are hoping to eke profits from stratospheric communications. But others, like Loon and Qualcomm, have moved on.

Is Korean profit bump sign of 5G turning the corner?

South Korean telcos are about to enjoy a Q3 earnings spike thanks to 5G, analysts have forecast.

Australia close to acquiring Digicel Pacific – report

Australian government and Telstra reportedly on brink of deal with debt-laden Digicel Group; widely seen as political manoeuvre to stymie China's influence in the region.

BT takes Eagle-i approach to cybersecurity

UK telco launches new cybersecurity platform based on recent investment in Safe Security.

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