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Comcast plugs in upgraded Wi-Fi 'Pods'

New, faster Wi-Fi extenders are also being made available to the cable operator's technology and product syndication partners.

Honeywell to test private 5G network

Multinational conglomerate Honeywell is joining the likes of Ford, Microsoft and Hitachi in the pursuit of private wireless network tests using 5G technologies.

CommScope swaps CEOs

Charles 'Chuck' Treadway succeeds the retiring Eddie Edwards and takes the helm following the integration of Arris, a company-wide focus on 5G and the need to get a grip on CommScope's struggling CPE business.

Telstra launches 5G fixed wireless

The Telstra move has sparked discussion about whether 5G is a direct competitor to NBN.

Drahi's Altice takeover plan hits a road bump

A shareholder in Altice Europe said Drahi's buyout offer significantly undervalues the company.

Amazon Timestream turbocharges IoT database performance

AWS claims new serverless system is 1,000 times faster than relational databases and one tenth the cost.

The UK gets another scaremongering report on 5G delays

The Centre for Policy Studies has weighed into the 5G debate with some highly questionable findings.

New report reveals how an expanding network is driving carriers to the edge

Technologies never roll out as quickly as expected. Barriers to implementation arise, exuberance turns to pragmatism and numbers are restated. Not so with 5G.

Eurobites: O2 road-tests satellite 5G for connected cars

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Elisa goes with Nokia for 5G RAN; Colt chooses SSE for 100G action; Proximus fires up eSIMs; Enea acquires Aptilo.

Dish Network: The edge is 'everywhere'

Dish Network's Marc Rouanne said the company is working to design its coming 5G network so that customers can run network services wherever they wish.

GOP to Trump: Please don't nationalize 5G

An obscure Request For Information from the US Department of Defense has again set off alarms that President Trump is considering a nationalized 5G network.

France emerges as Europe's 5G laggard

Prices are high just two days into the country's 5G auction, and France already falls way behind other major European economies on 5G readiness.

Chromecast with Google TV combo primes pump with Netflix bundle

Google Store bundle teams the new TV-connected streaming device with six months of Netflix for $89.99. New device sells for $49.99 per month on a standalone basis.

Podcast: What's the story with Starlink?

This week: Light Reading's Mike Dano on what's going on with SpaceX's Starlink.

NTT Docomo cracks open 5G fronthaul for carrier aggregation

Japanese operator demos 'multi-vendor' trial, using O-RAN fronthaul specs, with Fujitsu and NEC.

Video strategies vary widely among indie operators

Some still see video as an important piece, while others are extracting themselves from the business to leave the mess of rocketing programming rates to OTT-TV providers.

Germany stops short of Huawei ban, but raises bar to entry

Germany looks set to strangle the China-based supplier in red tape as scrutiny is extended to the 5G RAN.

In race to V2X, wireless industry resurrects Chinese boogeyman

The US wireless industry is rallying around the C-V2X standard for car-to-car communications, and is warning that China could dominate the market if action isn't taken.

Trilogy plants 4G seeds in North Dakota farm

A new precision agriculture program in North Dakota promises to use edge computing, AI and a private LTE network in CBRS spectrum to automatically eliminate weeds.

Eurobites: French 5G auction hits €2.4B

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Ericsson uses 5G for remote coronavirus testing; EU could make tech titans share customer data with smaller rivals; Switzerland, UK lead European 5G charge.

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