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Ericsson to replace Huawei at T-Mobile Netherlands

The Dutch operator says the Swedish equipment vendor will build a 5G network and take over the current 3G and 4G systems.

KDDI network goes down for two days after maintenance failure

The Japanese operator's network failure knocks out 39 million services across banking transport and payment.

Vodafone aims for massive MIMO in open RAN by March 2023

The UK operator is building a 'golden cluster' of open RAN sites in Torquay and is kicking off a hardware acceleration project in Malaga.

Eurobites: BICS tackles Ooredoo's voice services

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Sigfox reborn as UnaBiz; new boss for Open Access Data Centres; EU makes life easier for Amazon Prime refuseniks.

T-Mobile UMTS, LTE network shut-downs likely affect more than 1M devices

T-Mobile said it dismantled Sprint's 4G LTE network yesterday and will shutter its own 3G UMTS today. In April, officials suggested 300,000 postpaid phones and 700,000-900,000 IoT-style devices would be affected.

Google Fiber to tangle with Cox and Lumen in Arizona

Once a deal is approved by the city council, Mesa will become the first city in Arizona to welcome Google Fiber. Network construction could start by early 2023.

Get ready to pay more for your telecom service

AT&T, Verizon and other operators have already engaged in a round of pricing and service fee increases. But analysts suggest we haven't seen the last of the price hikes.

The Build Out: WeLink debuts in DC

This week in broadband builds: WeLink's DC rollout, Ziply goes live in Sumas, Brightspeed's initial Ohio build, Clearwave's debut in Kansas.

NEC expands open RAN SI skillset with Aspire

NEC snags Dublin-based Aspire Technology for 5G open RAN systems integration expertise.

BT dusts off pandemic playbook to counter strike action

BT claims to have 'robust plans' in place to counter possible strike action.

Altice USA unleashes 50GB 'Unlimited Max' mobile plan

Altice USA's new high-end tier allows users to stream in HD and chew up 50 gigabytes of data before speeds are throttled down.

'NextGenTV' goes for a ride

In this podcast, Pearl TV's Anne Schelle discusses recent tests of the new ATSC 3.0 broadcast signaling standard at the Motown 3.0 Open Test Track in Detroit and explores other potential use cases for the standard, also known as 'NextGen TV.'

Hurt badly by Huawei, Parallel Wireless lacked scale and scope

Fierce competition from the Chinese looks like the main cause of massive layoffs, but the open RAN player had other problems, too.

Eurobites: UK government funnels fiber to rural schools

Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Deutsche Telekom goes roaming; Telesign/NAAC deal is off; MTN reshuffles top team.

WCO's Winnick takes huge swing at T-Mobile: 'You should be ashamed'

WCO wants to purchase the spectrum licenses that T-Mobile is leasing from schools and other educational institutions. WCO's founder, Gary Winnick, says T-Mobile is unfairly bullying those license holders.

AT&T, Dish and CableLabs lead O-RAN Alliance efforts in US

AT&T and Dish hosted the O-RAN Alliance's testing efforts earlier this year, while CableLabs' Kyrio unit will open the alliance's first Open Test and Integration Center (OTIC) in the Americas.

Malaysia government, telcos finally agree on 5G industry structure

Malaysia's six leading telcos agree on terms to invest in the government-backed 5G wholesaler DNB. The agreement finally paves the way for the launch of 5G commercial service 18 months behind schedule.

Vodafone adds 1,400 engineers and flaunts APIs in software reboot

The UK-based operator has beefed up its software team and been developing some innovative new features.

Dave Mayo issues mea culpa on Dish's 5G performance

Early reports on Dish's 5G network found dramatic performance inconsistencies. But the company's networking chief, Dave Mayo, promises that 'we'll work through it.'

The Divide: Connected Nation's Heather Gate on maps, grants and the 'future-proof' fallacy

Heather Gate, vice president of digital inclusion at Connected Nation, joins the podcast to discuss collaborating with states on broadband maps and grant requests, and why she dislikes the phrase 'future proof.'

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