Deadly Self-Install

10:05 PM -- A man in Missouri shot his wife with a 22-caliber handgun, accidentally, we assume, while he was installing a satellite TV system.

According to news reports, the man "fired the shot from the inside of their home after several unsuccessful efforts to punch a hole through the exterior wall using other means."

So this is the one guy on Earth who doesn't use the occasion to go to Lowe's and get one of those sweet Hitachi driver drills with a fresh set of masonry bits?

How sad. And what horrible judgment!

– Phil Harvey, The Editor, Light Reading

paolo.franzoi 12/5/2012 | 3:44:56 PM
re: Deadly Self-Install
If this was Texas, it might have been a 9mm or a 357. At least then it would have been likely to poke a real hole in the wall. A 22 handgun?

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