Dead Man Running

11:40 AM -- If you're planning a campaign rally in Romania, don't forget the torches and pitchforks. The undead still rule in Dracula's homeland, according to Australia's Brisbane Times:

    The residents of a Romanian village knowingly voted in a dead man as their mayor in a municipal election, preferring him to his living opponent.

    Neculai Ivascu, 57, who ran the village for almost two decades, died from liver disease just after voting began yesterday - but still won the election by a margin of 23 votes...
He's not dead; he's just resting. In his native soil...

    "I know he died, but I don't want change," a pro-Ivascu villager told Romanian television.
Expect John McCain to score well with the highly coveted Romanian demographic.

— Larry, Attack Monkey, Light Reading

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