Data Center Interconnect

Optical Is Hot in 2015

Optical comms technology underpins the whole communications sector and there are some really hot trends set for 2015.

DHagar 1/23/2015 | 12:32:40 PM
Re: Darn Straight Tom Nolle, makes sense, plus they would have the ability to invest in the platforms to take advantage.  Your reference to cloud also ties in with Ray's mention of data center-to data center.

Impressive, Ray, this will be an interesting year with Light Reading.
TomNolle 1/23/2015 | 11:41:04 AM
Darn Straight! The future of network services in new-opportunity terms is entirely in higher layers like the cloud.  You can't deliver anything without transport bits.  Thus, the future of networking is bits plus cloud.  Optical players and IT giants win at the expense of L2/L3 vendors.
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